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Links to sites with interesting stuff about pens and pen collecting.

Links are opened in separate windovs.

Linje - a Swedish site about fountain pens.
Here you can read about the Pen meeting in Gothenburg May 7...�

Bill's Fountain Pen Page
Lots of pictures and information about American pens...�

BATTERSEA PEN HOME - London - Vintage Fountain Pens For Sale
Lots of pictures of new and old pens for sale...�
All you want to know about gould nibs,
and a lot more...�

Penoply home page
A lot of info about pencompanys and pens...�

Rivera Fountain Pens Pilot-Namiki Capless-Vanishing Point History.
And that's it...�

Parker Fountain Pens
A Swedish site, in English, containg very much information about Parker pens and even on Mont Blanc...�
A site dedicated to one of the worlds most famous pens, the Parker 51...�
Almost everything that's worth knowing about Parker 75...�

David Nishimura, The Vintage Pens Website
Pen profiles and articles loaded with pen stuff...�

Fountain Pen Directory
A very useful pen manufacturer register...�

Richard Binder - Fountain Pens
A site with many interesting articles and oceans of information...�

Kamakura Pens
Dr Rons site about Japanese pens, Maki-e etc...�


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