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There are lots of websites about fountain pens in English and other languages, but I haven't been able to find anyone in Swedish. Most of this pages describes the fountain pen history by telling the different pen companys history. My approach to the evolution of the fountain pen in the 20th century is to describe the development of the filling systems and the pen design.
As a supplement to this I have articles about specific pens and other subjects about using, and producing older fountain pens. Hopefully I can increase the number of articles continously.
This site is economical independent and I run it on a non-profit basis

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The pictures that looks like this are all scanned in the same scale (not necessarily the ones that someone else have the rights to). This make it possible to compare the sizes of the pens. To measure the real size you can use a ruler that's available by clicking a measurable picture. At the next click on a measurable picture. it dissapear.

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Fountain pen � About this page

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