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Fountain pen in the 20th century

A guide to old fountain pens
by Olle Hjort

Parker 51


to the first website in the Swedish language that's dedicated to the joy of using and collecting older fountain pens. This is the English version of this website


Most likely many of you have some old fountain pens lying in a drawer. It could be pens you used yourself in the past or inherit from an older relative.

Is an old fountain pen worth anything?

Fountain pens have been manufactured both as simple, cheap models and as more expensive quality products. A simple pen could be worth less than 10 bucks while quality pens could be worth hundreds and even thousands. And one thing that's very exciting with old fountain pens, there are still many of the later category left to find!
But don't forget that there's a history behind every pen, who produced it, how was it marketed and who used it.
The intention with this website is to give a picture of the evolution of the fountain pen, to make judging and dating of older pens easier.

At last, whatever you do, don't throw any old pens away,
find out the history behind them instead!


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